About Us

Why are middle-aged weirdos walking dogs in Kensington, Windsor Terrace, and Ditmas Park?


My family left the Jackie Robinson Apartments in Crown Heights when I was five. I was raised on Long Island in an average suburban village called Plainview. It was plain. I found solace in the electric bass, and later, guitar. By the time I was fifteen I was going into the city to buy records on St. Marks Place and sneak into rock clubs.

In the fall of 1987 I returned from my first tour of Europe with enough dough to move to Carroll Gardens. Two years later my then-girlfriend moved in with Bloomer, her Black Lab/Springer Spaniel. Soon after we adopted Lass, a retired greyhound, and thus began a love for dogs that hasn’t abated.

As a member of myriad weird and semi-weird rock bands I toured extensively throughout the US and Europe, and played on thirty or so commercial recordings. My daughter was born in 1994 and I retired from the road. I spent the next decade pushing pencils for old media companies. The jobs and I eventually gave way to the digital future.

I said goodbye to the desk set and left the rat race. I figured if I had to pound the pavement, I’d rather have some dog days that were good days. Dave’s Dog Duty is the sum of those realities and desires.

Now I’m outdoors, moving and enjoying canine communion. But the greatest benefit, besides paying my bills, has been the opportunity to engender friendships with my clients and provide them caring and consistent personal service. As a bonus, my creativity has been freed as well. I’m more artistically productive than I’ve been in years and continue to record and release music, and gig locally.

My wife, a Family Nurse Practitioner, and I own a house with a backyard in Kensington. Our Rottie-Coonhound Gibby loves to laze about out there despite being tormented by his little Carolina Dog sister, Baby Yops.


I am crazy about animals; I always have been, even before I could walk or talk. I spent 30 years working in Corporate America, and happily left at the end of 2007. I've had my own pet care company, based in Brooklyn Heights, since then. I met Dave late 2016 when I moved to Kensington and needed a walker for my own dogs. When I heard he was looking for a walker, I decided it was the right time for me to work closer to home!

I have 12 years experience walking dogs professionally. My extensive experience includes all sorts of dogs -- small, large, feisty, puppies, seniors, and reactive dogs. I've walked 200 pound mastiffs and 5 pound chihuahuas. One of my own dogs is a very large german shepherd mix and can be a challenge - so I totally understand dogs that are not easy to handle, yet loved to bits.

I am owned by three beautiful kitties, and two large rescued dogs -- an adorable hound mix named Brandi, and a big black shepherd-mix named Rex.