Dogs and Links

Magic & Trub, South Slope

Weezy, Park Slope

Roxy, Windsor Terrace

Margot, Park Slope

Barney, Greenwood

Greta, Kensington

Smuckers, Park Slope

JJ, Park Slope

Ambuvet — 24 hour pet ambulance service. An essential service, gentle and efficient.

Animal fare Inc — Our favorite pet supply store. Great prices, astounding selection, expert advice and great conversation.

FIDO — Our fantastic and stalwart canine community group. An amazing resource. Sign up for their newsletter.

Pet Sitters Int. — A great resource for pet owners and caregivers alike.

Pumpkin Pups — Viviane is an awesome and accomplished trainer, and our good friend. She’s our go-to referral and has worked with many of our clients.

Sean Casey Animal Rescue — As seen on Animal Planet! Sean Casey is a Brooklyn fixture. His expanding animal rescue is an essential part of the canine community. Go get yourself a dog!

Spoil-a-Pet — Our friend and colleague Latanya. She and her small staff provide some coverage for our vacations. They offer a great in-home overnight service.

VERG Brooklyn — Brooklyn's 24-hour emergency veterinary hospital. Their broad range of services, skills and extraordinary kindness are renowned.